Myrta Grüning

After graduating in Physics (07/06/1999, cum laude) at the University of Pisa, I carried out my Ph.D. research at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam under the supervision of Prof. Baerends (1999-2003). I defended my thesis on the development of density functional theory for chemistry and molecular physics on the 07/11/2003. As post-doctoral researcher I continued my work on development of density functional theory, first at the Donostia International Physics Center (Spain) with Prof. Rubio (2003-2005), then at the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) with Prof. Gonze (2006-2009). In June 2009 I joined the the CFC condensed matter group as Investigador auxiliar under the Ciencia 2008 FCT programme.

Research interests:

  • Development of electronic structures methods for calculating excited state properties
  • Application of electronic structures method to excited state properties of nanostructures and bulk materials
  • Development of scientific code

Current projects:

  • Real-time ab-initio approaches for nonlinear optical properties and ultrafast phenomena at the nanoscale
  • Time-dependent density functional theory: approximations derived for many-body perturbation theory
  • Electronic structure of high­-k materials within many­-body perturbation theory

Contact info: e-mail : myrta at the UC Physics email = telephone : +351 239410114 fax : +351 239829158 address : Centre for Computational Physics and Physics Department University of Coimbra Rua Larga 3004-516 COIMBRA PORTUGAL

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