Apostolos Marinopoulos


BSc in Physics, 1990. Aristotelion University. Thessaloniki, Greece.

PhD in Materials Science, 1996. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, USA.

At present I hold a research position (Ciência 2007) in the Department
of Physics funded by the Portuguese Science Foundation.
My primary appointment is in the Center of Studies of Materials by X-rays (CEMDRX).
I also have a secondary affiliation with the Center of Theoretical Physics (CFC).

PTDC/FIS/102722/2008. Interstitial hydrogen and point defects in high-k oxides.

Amount: 165,000 €. Duration: three years.

Current research interests and most recent publications:

1. Point defects in high-k oxides. Role of hydrogen.
With Rui Vilão et al, Hydrogen impurity in paratellurite: muSR and
ab initio study, accepted for publication in Physical Review B. June 2011.

2. Atomistic modelling of impurity segregation at interfaces.
First-principles study of segregation to the Sigma5(310) grain boundary
of cubic zirconia. J. Phys. Cond. Matter, vol 23, 085005 (2011).

3. Electron spectroscopy of solids. Many-body effects.
With Myrta Grüning, Local-field and excitonic effects in the optical
response of a-alumina. Physical Review B, vol 83, 195129 (2011).

Contact information:

e-mail: marinop@teor.fis.uc.pt

tel.: +351 239410681